Consumer enters the room and begins the search for the item that you want to buy, begins to tempt with products but at this moment of lucidity take it and compares it with others of the same price or usefulness, wondered if you really want to. In a second, the client loses the reason tempted by various aspects and starts compulsive buying. Do you achieve reach this moment of irrationality and excessive need?. Study of Stanford University talks about guilt facing customer terms at first buy an object than the ranks of luxury. This single consumer is limited to head down and get to the box to buy it or is too excited to see other products. Knowing this behavior we can conclude that it is necessary to accommodate the products so that the so-called luxury are always at the end of the search for the customer. That the same be tempted by necessary objects that llevabara to your cart.

Another point to keep in mind is to accommodate promotions always at the beginning of the tour, never close than the elements of luxury that will promote cooling of the client to see in contrast enough with the luxury. Yes, it is advisable to propose luxury products with different forms of payment and financing. Finally, we should bet on consumerist impulses of the customer always.