Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services offered to small and medium enterprises of Irkutsk box solution Easy Office, designed to provide all services (telephony and internet) in one package. Easy Office – a comprehensive, simple and cost effective solution to under which the tenant business centers provide a dedicated urban multi-room, a virtual PBX with a "auto attendant" and the ability to connect up to 20 phones, Internet access dedicated port with a maximum guaranteed rate of 2 Mbit / c. Customers receive unlimited local calls and broadband internet access with unlimited traffic, as well as equipment to connect to network. License distance carrier and the availability of the necessary infrastructure ensures maximum reliability in the provision of telecommunications services in Orange Irkutsk, as well as competitive rates on long-distance and international calls. Easy Office – a decision to "turn-key", ready for use immediately after installation.

All necessary equipment is provided free of charge in the product for the duration of the contract, installation, maintenance, management, repair and replacement of equipment is fully carried out by specialists Orange. This allows companies not to think about issues related to installation and maintenance of the PBX, to optimize the cost for IT professionals and focus on their core business. The solution is built on the basis of integrated access devices, Business LiveBox – innovation France Telecom, adapted for the Russian market. The device operates on the principle of "All in one", combining a modem for Internet access, WiFi access point and the office PBX.