Brian Tracy

For example, if you vendeu an car, must vender the insurance, licensing, extended guarantee, accessories as COMPACT DISC to player, protective carpets of the engine and all more than she will be able. Many times the salesman gains more money in the item adds of what in the sales of the main item. To make extra sales, you need to be worried in improving the abilities to become a champion. One remembers that to be a complete professional in sales she is necessary it withhold knowledge, ability and to have winner attitude. To know the principles of sales, to dominate the best techniques of each stage, to develop personal abilities and to line up themselves with the processes is sine qua non condition for that they desire to win in the profession.

An alert one goes for that they think that to be successful in sales it requires solid university formation. This is not truth, the consultant of sales must be worried well in being informed and not necessarily in being formed. Fondness to be a winner is first and the most important step in the walked one for the top. The professional of sales must be disciplined, to have proper goals and initiative to search the necessary resources for its conquests. To be successful in the profession, she is necessary to think long and the not short-term one.

It is as Brian Tracy said: ' ' The ability to discipline itself exactly to postpone the gratuity of short term, to enjoy of you reward greaters in the long run, is prerequisite the indispensable one for sucesso.' ' Finally, one remembers of that an excellent professional of sales must possess proper motivation and burning hot desire to be successful. In adverse conditions, it must always be remembered that ' ' who wants to reach the top of the mountain, cannot give to importance the rocks of caminho' '. It thinks about this, excellent day and that God blesses in them. Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and Site professor: Blog: Email: Twitter: @evaldocosta