Director TSELT

Has not been approved and another important document – the minutes of the sick, which contains both a list of medical services and drugs, as well as algorithms for their use. What kind of professional malpractice insurance, you can say? And are we ready for this step? Because such insurance is not required only a law, but also a large number of regulations, to develop our officials who, apparently, not with your hands. And while the medical community remains silent – impoverished, persecuted. Doctors were in the extreme confusion in that horrible day health of our country. Alexander Bronstein, Academician of RAMS, Director TSELT: – Insurance of doctors? Good work! But Russia, this is not ready yet. We do not have such a legal institution that could deal with this problem. And then, it is unclear who will bear financial responsibility for the unintended consequences of treatment.

The idea is that in private hospitals must insure themselves doctors themselves, in the state – doctors must to insure the state. But in today's already difficult financial situation, it is unreal. By the way 10 thousand rubles – that is the average price of medical errors in our country. You can not say about the U.S., where that severance pay claims to doctors, often reaching hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Their payment usually take on insurance companies. The average American doctor spends on insurance premiums to 10% of their annual income, and average medical error by the court "costs" of about 140 thousand dollars. Facts and Figures The largest percentage of claims accounted for: dentists (30%) of obstetrician-gynecologists (14%) dermatocosmetologists and plastic surgeons (9.3%), ophthalmologists (8.5%) orthopedic trauma (4.6%), neurologists (3.7%) This official statistics of medical errors in Russia do not exist.