Amazon Region

In it grows it to the present time mento population in the Amazon region, in the area that was of occupation is parking or declining, therefore these populations is following for urban areas with purposes to find new chances of jobs. With this the Amaznia leaves of an agricultural area and passes to be urbanizada, the only exception is the state of the Maranho that for its historical characteristics still keeps an agricultural population above of the urban one. On the other hand, the process of emancipation of some cities explains this decline. This Process indicates still more that the Amaznia walks to be to become an area of great importance for the country. With the increasing ambient concern one becomes interesting to create incentive for the ambient preservation, being thus I appeared market of air, the life and the water.

Which is of great importance, therefore the financial interest of the countries awakes and of the companies so that it preserves the nature and with this I gained profits. The example more clearly of this is the carbon credits that are commercialized between the countries. Also with the concern of the preservation of the nature ‘ appeared correte; ‘ conservacionista’ ‘ opposing it ‘ ‘ desenvolvimentalista’ ‘. In this context some conflicts appeared involving these two groups that generate deaths. Situation that the State did not obtain to control and probably without one politics publishes fort goes to obtain, a time that this is a question of centuries of occupation with endogenous interests in the region, which goes of meeting to interests of the local a population, as the aboriginals. Reference BECKER, Bertha K.