PSDB President

Dilma Rousseff is elect 1 president of Brazil in 2010 Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses One more time of irresponsible form is ventured in announcing future events, being that the last time that I made it errei. In 2009 I published that Dilma would not be the petista candidate to the Palace of Plateaus and that she was announced only to receive the attacks from the opposition and later ' ' cair' ' , as well as Squid it almost all made with the government in the case mensalo. The opposition of the PT is so weak that not even they had obtained to attack the minister. But some rumors that it is a kidnapper, terrorist and things of the type. It is disappointing not to at least find an income tax, a typical fine of transit or things of the Brazilian petty politics not declared.

Ahead of the inexistence of the opposition (it is transferred impression that the opposition in Brazil votes in the Squid) and its inexpressiva contribution to the scene national politician, Dilma shot up to the side of the president of the republic. The bonanza popularity of the president alavancou the campaign of the petista, that make a speeches as head of state even in simple interviews. Dilma incorporated the power while she was minister head of the Civil House. Reading to understand it, the president of the republic is supported generally by two great ministers: the minister of the exterior and of the interior, that although to possess status the same politician in Brazil, are basic for the existence of the country. The minister of the exterior, in Brazil known as of the Foreign affairs, co-ordinates the relation of the president of the republic with the world, with all the international countries and institutions.

For this fact he is importantssimo. The minister of the interior, in known Brazil as minister head of the Civil House, co-ordinates all the other ministries of direct and indirect form. This position represents the power of the proper president on ministers. The Dilma occupied this position with priority. Being thus, Dilma is made familiar to the power and to substitute Squid will not be difficult in function of its experience politics in this area. To command the House Civil tavez is more difficult of what presiding over country. The research indicates the victory of Dilma, possibly in first turn and as it gained of gift crack FHC x PSDB possesss real possibilities of if transforming into the first woman to preside over this country. Great changes are not waited and yes the reinforcement of Brazil in the international, typical scene of the management Squid and the based economic growth in the economic and social development of the classrooms poor, that had occasioned effect. The great petista dream is to transform Brazil into a superpower, economic, cultural, energy amongst others. This in very interests Brazilian we. What it does not interest in them is the fact of the petista perpetuation in the power of continuous form, what can generate distortions in our democracy. Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses? graduated Geography and after graduated Education he is professor of the Superior Institute of Applied Sciences and author of the Brazil Book: Imperialism and Integration In Latin America.

Amazon Region

In it grows it to the present time mento population in the Amazon region, in the area that was of occupation is parking or declining, therefore these populations is following for urban areas with purposes to find new chances of jobs. With this the Amaznia leaves of an agricultural area and passes to be urbanizada, the only exception is the state of the Maranho that for its historical characteristics still keeps an agricultural population above of the urban one. On the other hand, the process of emancipation of some cities explains this decline. This Process indicates still more that the Amaznia walks to be to become an area of great importance for the country. With the increasing ambient concern one becomes interesting to create incentive for the ambient preservation, being thus I appeared market of air, the life and the water.

Which is of great importance, therefore the financial interest of the countries awakes and of the companies so that it preserves the nature and with this I gained profits. The example more clearly of this is the carbon credits that are commercialized between the countries. Also with the concern of the preservation of the nature ‘ appeared correte; ‘ conservacionista’ ‘ opposing it ‘ ‘ desenvolvimentalista’ ‘. In this context some conflicts appeared involving these two groups that generate deaths. Situation that the State did not obtain to control and probably without one politics publishes fort goes to obtain, a time that this is a question of centuries of occupation with endogenous interests in the region, which goes of meeting to interests of the local a population, as the aboriginals. Reference BECKER, Bertha K.

Adobe Preto

Alfonso Penalty; the Av. Amazon for the Center, Black Adobe and Saint Augustin; the Street Rio De Janeiro in Centro and Lourdes; the Street of the Bahia in the Center, Lourdes and Savassi. Map 01 (Attached 01) detaches the total distribution of the retail activities for tax sectors, of which 53% present up to 60 activities; 28%, between 60 and 180 activities; 14%, between 180 and 560 activities; 5%, between 560 and 1920 activities. They are distinguished, also, as already mentioned, 53 sectors without any economic activity located, especially, in villages and slum.

Sustainable Development

The other raised point, now for M.L. of Souza, is that this conception produces this different speech empty to take care of to ‘ ‘ pblicos’ ‘ , and thus to be a consensus it enters the diverse segments of the society. ‘ ‘ Accustomed to get advertising thanks to its capacity to make ethical reminders of general reach, the sustentabilistas touch in subjects delicate in a enough empty way so that its speech simultaneously has the possibility of being accepted for governments, ONGs and scientists in such a way of? North? how much of? South. It is treated, thus, of a speech that if gives to a species of collective hypocrisy skillfully, where all, the semblantes duly decorated with serious expressions of admonition regarding the ecological threats that they hang on the planet, seem to set in agreement around basic questions, but without, due to operationalization, truily noteworthy practical advances are undertaken, and without the majority of the participants, due to clarity (what it is part of the logic of the environment that generates the speech), obtains to mobilize more than estereotipados moans.’ ‘ (SOUZA 2005 p.262 and 263) Destarte, to strengthen all this paper of the sustainable development we find, again in Fertile valley, a similar position the Marcelo Lopes de Souza, insinuating that: ‘ ‘ It happens that they are exactly in the weaknesses, imprecises ambivalences of the support notion the reasons of its force of almost total acceptance. This notion alone obtained even though to become almost universally accepted because it congregated under itself theoretical positions and contradictory politics and opostas’ ‘ (FERTILE VALLEY, 2006, P. 86) From all the consensus, the ideology of the support proliferated for everybody, being reproduced for diverse sectors of the society thus appearing the innumerable ecologists (or the false ecologists) that they are assumen of the ecological speech for individual interests (many economic times and politicians), being thus verified in the words of Kurt KLOETZEL.

This, for signal, points that the ecological movements must be gotten rid of the multitude of hitchhikings that gravitam to its return: entrepreneurs searching promotion for its ecocompatveis products, politicians in search of a ecossimptico speech etc. (.