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Possible evacuation. " The police authorities are had it jeopardize to maintain contact with us until Tuesday, from then we do not know what ocurrir&quot can; , Pablo explains Go’mez, of the communication commission. The fear to a possible police intervention has grown days in the last, after the advisor of Presidency, Francisco Seeded, requested the evacuation of the encamped ones because " the situation has degenerate and the State of Derecho&quot has become broken;. " Simply in gathering the camping das&quot would take; , it emphasizes a young person encamped in the place, that thinks that would be necessary to inventory and a great compilation of all the acts so that did not lose in case of evacuation. Complaints of the Sun commerce. The fear to a police intervention is also increased with the protests of the retailers of the zone of Door of the Sun ask to the Delegation of the Government who " it moves ficha" in order to end one encamped that, according to they emphasize, has supposed the fall of 70% of the invoicing. Multitudinal assemblies. The meetings of the encamped ones add more and more adept. r in his writings.

Nevertheless, which in principle would have to be a positive point, symbol of an increasing support to the movement, has caused that the decision making becomes a luck of impossible mission. " It is very difficult to arrive at consensuses in assemblies in which 3,000 people participate, but she consists to me that &quot is much people fighting to obtain a consensus of minimums; , it indicates Juana, that she finishes leaving the encamped one by personal reasons. " My opinion is that &quot is being diluted to the final mission; , it adds. This deficiency of consensus also does that every time it is more difficult to decide concrete proposals. Thus east Sunday when the assembly decided to continue with the encamped one, but without determining the date nor the way could be verified in which this one will have to be dismantled. Source of the news: Lack of consensus, insecurity, fatigue another face of the encamped one in the Door of the Sun