Watercolor Painting

One of the things most important to be taken into account for that the result of your paintings in acuarelasea is well, obviously the role. Today I will recommend you 3 more suitable paper types: 1.-paper Guarro: paper Guarro has high content cotton (60%), gelatinaat in mass and surface, allows the maximum absorption of water, offering good glazes, high brightness and sharpness of colors. This role is very suitable to paint landscapes, flowers, still lifes etc (do not recommend to paint portraits) 2.-paper Saunders: paper Saunders Waterford is an English paper that has been approved by the Royal Society of Watercolourists of England. Manufactured in the paper mill of St. Cuthberts, it is specially designed for watercolor.

Generated in the traditional way in a cylindrical styling machine with purest cotton fibers. Its different surfaces (satin, fine grain and coarse grain), their response to water and its beautiful color that gives it its composition of cotton, make him a magnificent role of very high quality. Treaty, Al foil, with calcium carbonate to prevent discoloration caused by the acids in the pollution. This paper is excellent if you want to paint portrait, since it holds much more moisture and the strokes.When you work on glazing glazing, this paper will not tear. 3.-Paper Arches-is a paper which is manufactured in round machine, is gelatinaat and dries the air.

Its composition, 100% cotton, ensures great stability and resistance. Filigree, with beards on all four sides, and a natural white this paper ages without yellow and without altering the color of pigments.The result of colors, resistance to tear and defoliation, and the stability of the Arches paper are qualities very appreciated by watercolourists. Also is highly recommended to paint portrait and work glaze sobreveladura. You can find these papers in specialised shops of art. If you want to know more tips about how you can improve the outcome of your watercolor painting, please visit: there you can find more tips, receive videos free and much more original author and source of the article