Treasury Department

The risks of the return of the TARP 11 June 2009 why do much interest U.S. banking institutions, whether by the U.S. Government in return received? Why not does interest the US Treasury that to do so?Banks pressed, and the Department of the Treasury with Timothy Geithner to head, did not have too many alternatives. The Treasury Department just authorize ten of largest banks of the country to return a $68,000 million in federal funds from the rescue made just eight months ago. Advancement special LATINFORME * where is China investing your money now? In a strategic alliance with a South American company that will bring them to both strong advantages in the short, medium and long term. What is this company? Already soon we will disclose it is. Watch for upcoming advances in LATINFORME journal, where we will detail the next offer the report launch in which we will announce the name of this company and others that will benefit from the Asian giant.

But they are not Chinese nor Argentine promises. This Alliance is already underway and this company has found just what was in need to strongly boost its production. There are already investing in this company until the news is widely conocida.* * is not these entities shall be refunded such money out of respect to taxpayers who are those who ultimately contributed. The rescue had its cost for banks (even, be marked by the same aid costs). Too expensive and did not represent a business for them. While at the time, these funds were very helpful, and is therefore entities received it in good way, this aid imposed a number of constraints that were not to the liking such as limitations on compensation mechanisms to bank executives (that difficult for them to keep talents), the recruitment of foreign employees and limits on certain expenses.