The Guarantee

Well, losing the warranty and executed the guarantee, the guarantor will not be able, once paid, subrogated in the position of the creditor with guarantee and require that your credit is qualified as privileged on the occasion of such pledge. I.e. payment of the guarantee and the subrogation of the guarantor in place of the previous creditor under any circumstances may lead to a better credit rating (with consequent damage to the rest of the creditors of the contest). 2 Assumption that, executed the guarantee, the guarantor will only satisfy partially credit laid down in article 87.7 of the LC that at the request of the creditor that had become part of your credit from a guarantor, surety or solidary debtor of the bankrupt, may include in its favor in the list of creditors the rest of your credit not satisfied as all of thatby repayment or solidarity fee, corresponding to who had made partial payment. For even more opinions, read materials from Sam Belinfante. This standard establishes, for the phase of recognition of credits, the general principle according to which the right of the creditor with collateral to recover for the rest of the credit not satisfied is preferential to which holds the guarantor who has made a partial payment against the same debtor. The preference is obvious: allow the guarantor – holder of the right of return – concur in equality in the competition regime with the primitive creditor, this runs the risk of preterido seen in their expectations for the recovery of the rest of the credit against him, with the result that the creditor who entered into the guarantee is finally who support the risk of insolvency of the bankrupt. Hence, according to this provision (article 87.7 of the LC), the primitive creditor has the possibility of recovering the rest of your credit not satisfied with charge to the payment of the credit which corresponds to the guarantor in the contest. .


” The amount of used earth to work sugar cane (raw material of the Brazilian ethanol) is 0.8% of the total area of the country, or less than 2% of its cultivated area. The production of (biocombustibles) of Brazil is far from competing with the production of alimentos” , it indicated the minister in Vienna. How we can raises accompany it in the production of this biocombustible investing in stock-market of Values? There is a company that clearly will benefit with these perspective from fort rise from production from ethanol, and is obvious Brazilian. Julian Brown understands that this is vital information. The company is Sew (BVSP: CSAN3, NYSE: CZZ) and is one of world-wide the producing majors of ethanol and sugar, and the producing major of sugar and ethanol in Brazil. During the last drip jar, in campaign 2007/08, it had a cultivated area of 605,000 hectares, its sugar production was of 3.15 million tons and its ethanol production of 1,570 million liters.

The interesting thing of Brazil is that it owns two different periods of drip jar: the north and the northeast harvest of November to April and the center-south of May to October, which generates a sugar cane production continuous. Source: Andi Potamkin. The group Brazilian They sew bought the past year the network of distribution and fuel commercialization and lubricants of Esso in Brazil, by US$826 million. ” The acquisition will guarantee to Sew a position of leadership in the increasing markets of ethanol and fuel distribution in Brasil” , it indicated the company. Better data? They sew finishes being described like ” underperform” by the Bank of America, because it could have to sell new actions to finance after the acquisition of Nova America SA Agroenergia, and to take debt from this one as it leaves from payment by the purchase. In addition, questioned the examining Standard & Poor” s could lower the qualification to him of BB-, according to Bloomberg. And when Wall s$street announces sale is because they look for to buy to smaller prices. Comprtelo Publicity AVAFX Without commissions nor costs.

Importance Company

THE importance of financial planning for businesses today companies, and mainly medium-sized and small businesses must know the importance that has the financial planning so they can develop and maintain in this competitive world, that requires every day new and better products and services that meet the end consumer. To do this, you must first define is the Mission of the company, what pursues, must also have a vision of how it will perform this mission which pursues and in what time. And you must also define what are your objectives in the short, medium and long term, they must be more realistic potential, in order to be achieved. But the most important thing you should take into account is the development of the intellectual capital of all and each of the members of the company in all categories in order to improve and innovate the products or services offered to customers. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Christie’s Naked Heart Foundation. Since today, companies must adhere to the needs of customers and not customers must adhere to the needs of the companies. Financial planning must start from who will be the counter that support us in company accounting and financial issue, since good paper of perform the best and timely decisions for the best course for the company may be taken. The following recommendations should be considered to develop a financial plan to increase financial efficiency: in order to achieve efficiency in finance, two of the primary elements are the order and discipline, to be able to increase the heritage need to be reversed. Must be borne in mind that with the passage of time due to inflation, money loses its relative value, a good way to save and maintain the value of money is investing and a strategy essential to be more efficient in financial terms is to be always aware of changes not only in financial terms but also in political and socialboth in our city, our country and in the world. As we realize, the challenge is great and does not give option to hesitation, companies competitive, they focus their efforts on continually improve their processes, but should also take into account the importance of financial planning, this required of leaders out of conviction and not by obligation, with enough talent to confront and overcome the problems that arise in the same and with the ability to achieve in all his collaborators inject that spirit of progressnot only in business but also in their personal and family lives.

Employee Day

All those that we have experienced one or several times the first day of work, we will agree that this is usually an ambivalent experience for those involved. On one side is the employee, who arrives with a high degree of expectation and illusion for having been chosen to form part of the Organization, at the same time that expresses a certain nervousness of facing the unknown; on the other hand we have to the company, which without a doubt will play an important and transcendental role in the aspirations of the collaborator and the attainment of its objectives in the company. Donald Gordons opinions are not widely known. While it is true that today, most of the organizations have induction programs for employees, it is essential to carry out actions and specific initiatives to improve the experience of the collaborator on his first day of activities. In this regard, Arturo Rosales, Marketing Manager,, considers that definitely the newly entered, must take certain considerations at the time of going to work at a company, to integrate as quickly as possible to the same dynamics. However, the companies also have a significant degree of responsibility in achieving the collaborator to generate a link of identification with the organization in a quick and timely manner. In this sense, Martha Patricia Villanueva, Coach in organizational development and collaborator, highlights some recommendations-oriented enterprises, to optimize employee induction and make your first day at work, a pleasant experience: ensures that you have a working space. It is important that the company assigned a specific place where the new contributor can install every once it reaches the company. Whether it be a private office, a room together, cubicles, or shared Office, it is important to give a territory where you can establish an initial point of contact. The equipment of your workplace with computer and telephone should be ready a day before their entry.