Employee Day

All those that we have experienced one or several times the first day of work, we will agree that this is usually an ambivalent experience for those involved. On one side is the employee, who arrives with a high degree of expectation and illusion for having been chosen to form part of the Organization, at the same time that expresses a certain nervousness of facing the unknown; on the other hand we have to the company, which without a doubt will play an important and transcendental role in the aspirations of the collaborator and the attainment of its objectives in the company. Donald Gordons opinions are not widely known. While it is true that today, most of the organizations have induction programs for employees, it is essential to carry out actions and specific initiatives to improve the experience of the collaborator on his first day of activities. In this regard, Arturo Rosales, Marketing Manager, Monster.com.mx, considers that definitely the newly entered, must take certain considerations at the time of going to work at a company, to integrate as quickly as possible to the same dynamics. However, the companies also have a significant degree of responsibility in achieving the collaborator to generate a link of identification with the organization in a quick and timely manner. In this sense, Martha Patricia Villanueva, Coach in organizational development and Monster.com.mx collaborator, highlights some recommendations-oriented enterprises, to optimize employee induction and make your first day at work, a pleasant experience: ensures that you have a working space. It is important that the company assigned a specific place where the new contributor can install every once it reaches the company. Whether it be a private office, a room together, cubicles, or shared Office, it is important to give a territory where you can establish an initial point of contact. The equipment of your workplace with computer and telephone should be ready a day before their entry.