In homes it is common to find a lot of elements that are used to serve different needs or simply for decorative purposes or personal tastes, however all these things have to keep them at a point in which are displayed in an orderly manner and in the most appropriate way, therefore to achieve this is common to use certain appropriate furniture perfectly to carry out these functions and are the shelves that thanks to its structure and distribution facilitated the location of different objects in its interior and thus accommodate to the order and the harmonisation of spaces. The shelves in if they are furniture that have considerable dimensions, with the idea of being able to place different objects within the shelves, in addition to this feature, the bookshelves tend to use more horizontally than vertically, allowing space and locate small objects as others of a considerable size. Usually the shelves are made in materials such as wood in all its manifestations with which is search on many occasions the use of shelves not only as a medium container, but as a beautiful piece of furniture of decoration, since to made shelves in wood can be given beautiful aesthetic aggregates; However another material that is used for the realization of the shelves are the different applications of metals that offers more out of space. The implementation of different samples of shelves will depend largely on activity which destined the shelves and place where pre-selection, in such way the shelves made of wood are associated with greater extent households which seeks provided that all namespaces and components offer a beautiful image, such as occurs with the wooden shelves that thanks to its appearance can adapt perfectly to the home; While metal shelves are related in most often places intended for the storage of goods or sale of products, i.e. places where any work activity, develops since they cater to reasons for a better use of spaces and do not require many expenses or care to keep them adequately within companies. Despite having mentioned two types of shelves more common, according to the conditions of today’s world and aspects such as designs, you can find certain shelves that are suited for display or in companies, activities both spaces of homes as they occur with the shelving made with a bracket or metal structure but with separations and levels of glasswhich offers both a good image according to criteria of adequacy of spaces, as it offers the possibility of placing different elements between different levels of shelves perfectly. An aggregate that can be given to shelves are some wheels or more exactly rodachines that allow you to move with ease from one place to another the shelves and place them in the place where better remain, thus avoiding having to do much power to move shelves. Original author and source of the article