Public Rates Telmex and Telefonica

Telefonica unsecured loan and Telmex are two companies that offer commercial loan us the telephone service, but in some cases their rates vary, if you look at the picture, finance we commercial business loans realize that in its original form, without promotions Telmex is more accessible to the Peruvian pockets, so you speak for only 0.20 cents a minute, while Telefonica financing 2 private equity minutes by 0.50 cents on a normal schedule and limited hours 3 minutes time. What we sba loan should be this much variation of price ‘for many their interest rates Telmex, because if we realize by 0.40 cents gives us 2 minutes, we save 0.10 cents, but others can phone because it suits them by 0.50 cents in reduced schedule gives us 3 minutes. We would prefer Telmex, What you prefer ‘