By: Leonides Sanchez “Managing My Money” From: Cristian J. Stival BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE BOOK. It is imperative that anyone who lawyers aspires to live better basic knowledge on how to manage your finances wisely. We all know the unpleasant consequences when not monitoring our finances and instead we spend on the task of our income attorneys uncontrollably. The author of this book tells of a simple and clear on the attorney most relevant aspects when handling one of the most important resource of our life “money.” STARTED .. . Paso N 1 – Monitor your spending seems quite obvious that when you find yourself buried deep in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging, Is not ‘Well, in terms of our goals, that means Regulate your expenditure, avoiding the temptation to buy things like the last model hair dryer, a car zero kilometer, or a second pair of Nikes with dual air chamber. There are hundreds of ways to reduce your expenses, here I’ll just give some ideas for inspiration: law firm Summary of Smart Ideas for Managing Your Money. Pay your bills on time to avoid late payment interest. . Use only a credit Bakery card until you can control your spending. . Pay the total balance of your credit card per month to avoid interest charges. an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and senior business executive in New York City