Psychological Personality Traits

The history of commodity abundance in Russia began some twenty years ago, when the first retail businesses have a legal possibility to import and sale of imported goods. Prior to the beginning of the last decade of last century consumers were not familiar with the problem of choice – the choice was actually not anything else. a>). Together with the choice peacefully dozing various models of consumer behavior of buyers, their motivations and driving forces choice. There was only one model of behavior – has come into the store and picked up what was left, was the sole motivation – to meet basic needs. Domestic business only took twenty years to a fundamentally change the situation. Today, almost did not find the retail markets in which the right of the seller.

Range of conventional supermarket tens of thousands of items in each product category can be found dozens of alternatives. Manufacturing and trading companies very quickly changed course with its own vision of the market for consumer preferences, tastes and habits. Consumers, in turn, it took quite a bit time to achieve the maximum degree of purchasing power "spoiled" and the corresponding strength of influence on manufacturers and sellers. So in the business community in Russia has arisen recognized need for detailed study and understanding of their customers, in constant adaptation proposal fulfills the requirements of buyers. The evolution of market research in Russia deserves a separate discussion, but not the subject of this material. This article begins a series of publications concerning the background of consumer behavior, the root causes of this or that choice, the psychological basis of motivation consumption.