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And above can not be counted with the Argentine gas supply special report from MoneyWeek report we invite our subscribers to be prepared and act early to this rise in the price of coal, which, like oil, is climbing in price, dependent on China becoming more than he. Recession? Slowdown? No matter to China will take it much time pass to another energy dependence and less stock is becoming increasingly are importing more coal of which exported the coal is in maximum prices and will continue to be those we invite to know why and how we can take advantage of this extreme and increasingly growing boom of coaldriven mainly, but not only for China please click here %% track messageid & u = memberid & l = urlid-name EMWKJ2AA Oustanding Investments mr06IMW %% with all this background, surely Bachelet have thought that something had to be done and therefore announced a series of economic measures to counteract these problems (which must be approved by Congress). They are five measures (half of those adopted in Mexico), which provide for rebates to gasolines, elimination of tax stamps and stamps (ITE) to SMEs, promoting the development of biofuels, the acquisition of automotive hybrids and benefits for the construction. Will they be enough? Meanwhile, measures have a positive effect on inflation through low tax on fuels. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jeremy Tucker. information. The reduction in inflation would be 0.4 percentage points according to the Minister of finance Andres Velasco. For even more analysis, hear from Andi Potamkin. It must also recognize that the Elimination of the tax stamp, mainly benefiting SMEs, enabling them to reduce costs, and expand their capacity to negotiate loans and interest rates in banks.

Will they reach? At least, all sectors agree that measures go in the right direction, although most consider them late and insufficient. And while industry and agriculture face a grey panorama, the mining sector, with copper head, keeps his good time thanks to the growing trend in international prices. This good time of mining is also reflected in the annual report of the Metals Economic Group that shows that Chile returned to position itself among the top ten countries where more is invested in mining exploration where in 2007 was allocated US $ 360 million to search for reserves of minerals (which represents 4% of the total resources invested in prospecting at a global level).