Products that Care

A few days ago I went to buy a toothbrush to a pharmacy which is already supermarket (interesting concept of business), when I was choosing them caught my attention the packaging saying 2 X 1, apparently both had the same price of one. I looked the only brush, compared the price and actually had the same cost. Although I didn’t need another brush, I could give away it or keep it for later use. When I arrived at the box the clerk told me that promotion I could carry a liquid free floor cleaner, also took me. Not bad for a fee of $12.

Some years ago I analyze what I will buy, or better still, I have my favorite brands, which I have used and I know, I know that they have the quality and duration that I need, so I look for them constantly. If you see me buying at the supermarket you’ll note that I read labels, looking for similar products, consult your price and I decide what to bring me. In the case of the product in question, there were other offers in toothbrushes, but were not what I wanted, so I kept looking until you find what you needed, and without wishing it got a free product! When I find offers in a business, first I wonder if I need the product, I accounts to verify if it is really a savings and take a decision. Not I am guided by my emotions! They tell me that I must buy them, because they are bid and bids do not last long. I invite you to do the same, he analyzes before buying and program your expenses so that you spend not only for doing it, but because you really need the products that you will acquire.

Some time ago someone gave me the best kept secret to avoid wasting money: don’t take it in the portfolio. I.e. you should analyze before you leave what you need and take the necessary, never take money just in case, this is a practice that will make you spend much on unnecessary products. If you take into account investigations that determine that spending money produces the same effects of pleasure that many banned drugs you will understand why we spend without reason apparent. Avoid expenses and multiply your money, that is a standard that I explain in my seminars and books on wealth attraction. It will surprise you to know that you can attract much money with changing some habits how to avoid buying products in offer, that can learn you reading my articles and books, listening to my therapeutic audios and taking control of your life. This day, you spend or invest?