Limited Liability Company

But it is more, within these 25 leaves to which before it made reference, the Agency makes express reference to a resolution of the same, the relapse in the procedure of trusteeship of rights TD/266/2.007 that it indicates that is possible to proclaim that no citizen who neither enjoyment of the condition of public personage nor is noticiable object in fact of public relevance it must resign itself to support that their personal character data circulate around the NETWORK without being able to react nor to correct the illegal inclusion of the same in a system of universal communication like Internet. In this sense seems to deduce that if person is object in fact noticiable life has to support all the inclusion of this the news in Internet, when the own resolution indicates that if their personal data are not of public interest, not to contribute its knowledge to forge a free public opinion like pounding to basilar of the democratic State, must enjoy protected reactive mechanisms in Right (like the Right of cancellation of personal character data). To this I want to add, that made in lack a data in this resolution, and is that it does not put the date of the news. If the news were published long ago, the character of lost informed it with time, and therefore the maintenance of the same in the time is not necessary. The Agency also has been pronounced in diverse resolutions on the right to the forgetfulness.

And finally, it would want to aim, that the applicant made two requests, opposition alternative and alternatively cancellation. The Real Decree does not demand the accreditation of no reason founded for the exercise for this right, and therefore the Agency, must have solved on this alternative request. Audea security of the information LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Legal department