Adjusting The Valves

Adjusting the valves is one of the most critical operations for servicing the engine and to requires certain skills – is adjustable thermal clearance engine. All the mechanisms and timing while the same on the principle of action but differ in design. All arrangements have camshaft, intake and exhaust valves. Overhead valve engine with a lower location of p / shaft are the most complex mechanism timing. He has five interfaces, which transmit the motion: p / shaft – pusher-rod – rocker – the valve. It is installed on the old Muscovites – 407, 403, 408, 2136, the Volga and . On modern engines w / shaft is located in the cylinder head – there are still differences between say, 'WHA' and 'Moskvich'. In the first case, the motion passed rocker and the second yoke.

Unlike the arrangements with a yoke, which in the thermal gap can occupy any position, and the rocker is constantly pressed against the valve spring. Adjusting the valves on the cars 'WHA' in the wake of the classics (classic – it vaz – 2101, 2107) is 2108, 2109, 2110 and etc. and some foreign models camshaft is located directly above the valve and passes through the effort of a nickel (one penny has its size) mounted in a glass. Adjustment is done by replacing a nickle more thin or thick, in Depending on the size of the gap. Adjusting the valves (CONT'D) When the thermal valve clearance – there are strikes in the compounds of timing.