Independent Workers

Number of promoters Generally, when exists more of a partner usually it forms a society, although are limited societies unipersonal, constituted by a single member. Proceedings To initiate the activity like individual industralist are faster and simple than if it is decided on a limited society, and sometimes it is the key factor to choose a Confianza type Finally, the fact that a limited society is forced to deposit its countable data in the Mercantile Registry offers majors guarantees to clients and suppliers that an individual industralist. Obligations of the independent one Or are industrialist, retailer or professional, the individual industralist is forced to quote to the Social Security through Special Regime of Independent Workers. Certain liberal professions are free of the payment of this quote, when its School or professional Association guarantees this welfare cover by means of agreement with the Social Security. The quote to the Social Security is established based on bases that the Ministry of Economy and Property publishes every year. The worker must pay a monthly payment, amount that varies according to the chosen base.

Thus, whichever major is the base, will be increased the quota more, which will also repel in the volume of cover that offers the Social Security by disease, labor incapacity and retirement. If you are decided by the form of Limited Society, are basically 2 options; 1. – To form the one same Limited Society. g through. 2. – To buy a society Limited previously constituted; there are several Companies and professional offices of lawyers and economists, specialized in the sale of societies already formed: For example: Each one of the previous options have their advantages and disadvantages, based on our particular needs, amount of time available and desire, we will decide on one or the other option: But in broad strokes, always it will leave economic to form the society directly, but in counterpart, to buy already constituted it has a series of important advantages that later we will detail.