Employee Productivity

At equal productivity and skills in preference to the abandonment of the work is given: the family – with two or more dependents (disabled family members are on full content of the employee or receiving of its assistance, which is their permanent and principal source of livelihood), persons in a family where there are no other employees with an independent income; employees who have to work in a given period employer's occupational injury or illness, the disabled World War II disabled and fighting to defend the Fatherland, the employees that increase their skills in the direction of the employer on the job. Head and uses criteria such as low or high productivity, seniority and experience to get hit by staff who are on probation, the personal attitude to duties performed. Rich Holmberg wanted to know more. Takes into account the various documents describing the production of the employees – the data on the implementation of production standards and duties, information on education, knowledge, experience, promotions, disciplinary action etc. In addressing the reduction of staff and identify specific candidates for director must, above all, to check whether there is among those whose jobs reduced, those who dismiss prohibited it: women who are on leave for child care, pregnant women, women with children under the age of three, single mothers who are raising children under the age of fourteen (disabled child under eighteen years of age), and other persons caring for children under the age of fourteen (disabled child under eighteen years of age) without a mother is forbidden to dismiss an employee during a temporary disability, or stay on vacation.