Email Management

With the integration of PDF Compressor in NOVO mail both companies jointly addressing the international market. Utting/Berlin, 15 January 2014. InovoOlution and LurTech have developed a new solution for email management with integrated compression of PDF/A: NOVO mail, the platform for the enterprise-wide digital Inbox, InovoOlution integrated to the LurTech PDF Compressor. NOVO mail is the central platform of the InovoOlution for company-wide email inbox and email management. The PDF Compressor is standard technology, when it comes to collect documents, compress and convert to PDF or PDF/A. Through the combination of both products now deepen their technology partnership InovoOlution and LurTech and create solutions for input and E-Mail management using the PDF/A standards. PDF documents can be NOVO PDF compression in color with minimum memory requirements create a clear advantage over the previous procedure.

Many companies have the solution already successfully in Germany. The integration of the “” innovative compression technology LurTech in NOVO mail opens up”benefits in the entire input management, explains Thomas Schneider, Managing Director of InovoOlution GmbH, thus right-secure digital, we offer an ideal solution for building customer files.”We are pleased, that we InovoOlution have won another strong integration partner for our compression technology”, adds LurTech’s Managing Director Carsten Heiermann, NOVO mail and the PDF Compressor complement each other excellently.” In the course of closer partnership both companies will occur in the future all over the world together, first with focus on United States and UK. Against this background, also Gary Hodkinson, former Director of sales of LurTech Ltd., as a new Director of business development for InovoOlution changes. In his new role, Hodkinson is responsible for the care of international customers and business partners. About InovoOlution InovoOlution offers powerful, platform-independent state-of-the-art solutions and services for the Optimization and automation of mail processing. The portfolio serves all major input channels (letter, fax, E-Mail, E-letters, de-mail, etc.) and combines the technologies of leading software manufacturers as well as the own products of the NOVO product family in itself.