9 Sep 15

Each customer has individual an individual, very subjective claim and expectation level prerequisite for the emergence of customer satisfaction is that the experiences exceed expectations before buying after the purchase. There is also the question, how a product functions, features, and services to enrich can be, for of the customers higher prices than for comparable products to accept. Due to ever more complex organizational structures and processes, many companies turn to its gaze very inward. Fewer and fewer people come in direct contact with the customer. Requirements and needs of customers are present in the company no longer from my own experience, but only in very vague ideas. To broaden your perception, visit Wells Fargo. Such companies of the great danger of expose so, that the customer always also moves them and in his anonymity is always foreign.

Against the background of a comprehensive concept for the practical application of knowledge balance see, including Becker, Jorg: intellectual capital report with Customer barometer capital of the customer relationship, ISBN 9783837051773. The process of measuring: customer satisfaction is no uniform measure with its own dimension, but is composed of a variety of factors. The process of measuring customer satisfaction is as important as the results derived from him. There are basically two approaches: a direct measurement of customer satisfaction without charging the customer expectations in connection with the purchase or consumption experience. On the other hand the indirect measurement with separate collection of expectations and experienced performance components. The indirect determination of customer satisfaction is based on surveys of employees with frequent customer contact, on the analysis of in-house to be collected metrics, customer structure and job loss analysis.

CF. Becker, Jorg: intellectual capital report with customer barometer, ISBN 9783837051773. differentiated analysis of initial, continuous and regular customers: what is sufficient for a customer, must not satisfy even long another customer. I.e. Customer satisfaction is no generally accepted measure, but is always customized. The summary of a single measure, the heterogeneity of the customers difficult especially if positive and negative reviews of the various criteria need to be aggregated. Customers who do not change their suppliers, are not automatically an indication of customer satisfaction. By force of habit or fear of even greater problems, often serious deficiencies lead to consequences.

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