Civil Code

What help you may need the police in finding a missing person? Here the principle of a more people know about the search, the better. In the early 90's was an attempt to find the missing through television. But the shaft of Ad shocked the audience, this practice was soon discontinued. Although, in my opinion, this method is very effective. Somehow we have placed on local cable television picture missing girl.

There was a lot of calls, and one woman provided information that helped find the girl. Therefore, any involvement in the search for missing relatives and friends increases the chance of the result. Not too much expectation on the police, relatives of the missing turn to detective agency. "We have a better chance of disclosure of such cases, since, unlike the police, we are really looking for a person, not writing reports and we have more time to search activities, he said 'city' private investigator, Andrei Volkov. Often turn parents whose children have left home. We do not undertake to look for alcoholics, the mentally ill with amnesia, as they love the unpredictable and virtually impossible to find them. " It is true that describe the success stories from practice private investigator did not, citing the secrecy of customers.

But made it clear that finding people work is not cheap. For such cases the detectives are taken at his office paid $ 500 and above. Neither alive nor dead While the person is missing missing, all the authorities and bodies it an ordinary person. He sent the agenda of the military office, charge rent, etc. According to the Civil Code to recognize a missing person dead person can only court. But the application will be processed only if the search was conducted for five years and has not brought results. True, the code specifies the particular circumstances under which recognition of a citizen who died could happen six months later. Such cases two missing person missing under circumstances threatening death, and evidence of his death from an accident. As explained to me attorneys, courts such claims are considered for a long time, and usually decision is made after the results of various examinations. For example, after the collapse in June of 2002, the hostel for street Dvina 15-year-old schoolgirl was listed as missing and a half years. The experts then screened all sand on the ruins, but to no avail. Although there were witnesses who saw the girl in the building in the last minutes before the tragedy. Point in its search for has put the court declared dead. If the court decision is not, then of police investigative it also is for five years. Then it shall be in the archives Identification cards are kept for another ten years. If a person suddenly shows up in full health after the court decision, finding him dead, the court should cancel the previous verdict and make a new one. Unfortunately, none of our interlocutors could not remember such a happy turn.