To forget ..!!!! impact KB Among these girls remember their drinks moments of love, the other bitter stories, their families torn apart, their thwarted dreams .. started with a drink after many tend only to mourn the silence is broken and seem scholars symposium. . Many of us say that there are people who after a few glasses are transformed, they lose the shyness and dance do not know, just speak up to say, some are wet canoe, the others become amigueros, the sexy but some almost certainly Everyone that strange feeling that emerges is the last time to be who they want to be … The talkative: that shy girl who never has more than necessary, it starts to drop the language, started telling your friend: but you have to be consistent, maybe it was a confusion, to move to say, is a desgraciadoooo! te bag around, fulanito saw him last week, I told you not because I do not correspond .. entierralo ..!!!, other pass of saying we are relatively well, with fights like any other couple, to tell you: I am no longer the same, do not love, I forgot to detail is not what mismoooo! Singer: Of these I have several friends and myself included, feel that after the alcohol has reached his veins begin to request certain songs: two-legged rat, the men are rubbish, dog is back (but returned), words, ojala silvio I ask for .. the love call my private property, Arroyito, etc. .. . The parador: Surely their blood alcohol is more red and white, the frost that you ask and gives you an arm .. , My friends and I do not take too much in meetings that are not among us, so that these scarce .. . The forgetful: Almost all have gone through this: hey clau! I did yesterday ‘true that I told Pancrazio I like’ most famous effects: removes the anxiety, guilt extinguished ago .. forget, not remember how to get to your house, or dancing on the podium with group 5. . La Polla, a board when you feel that your head spins and you no longer want to take .. stop ..!!! I do not want to see you crying, saying I’m quierooo, you’re my sister … As seen in prominent sources. or saying, my mojo is pantalon Do I miss cheLA’!!!! In addition we must take into account several factors: the concentration of alcohol (not the same thing that a drink a rum cheLA) the presence of food in the stomach, the weight of the individual (less weight means more absorption: either there to chubby) and women are more susceptible) and habituation (or if you stop cock jojo) Side Effects: I am in love with who ‘, call to my ex many times,’ TMP gave a kiss to that bitch, ‘where am I who did all that yesterday ‘I have seen my friends go through each stage and that women also drink. . ORIGINAL DATA: prodromal phase (0.25 gr. / L -0.3 deg. / L).