mental illness

Talves think is very interesting but esmuy read: Mental illness Success of many mental illnesses that manifest in physical or mood disorders. These diseases include: allele stress People can experience stress when enfretadas seen before important events which can be dangerous or impractical to bring. Among the psychological symptoms of stress are anxiety and stress, uncontrollable worrying, irritability, distractibility, and difficulty learning new things. all neurosis These are the conditions that SITEMA show nervous malfunction. In the neuroses no physical injury or personality disorder. The neuroses are the main anxieties, an uncontrollable obsession with avoiding dangerous situations and lack of docking with people. Examples of neurosis are panic, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and posttraumatic stress. allLa hypochondria Hypochondria is a neurotic disorder in which the person conveyed the anxieties, worries and obsessive thoughts for talks that have a specific physical illness (eg colon cancer). This means that hypochondriacs are worried because they suffer from a disease, although medical results indicate otherwise. Hypochondriacs spend much time and money visiting doctors and did several tests. The relationships between these patients and the doctors and nurses can often be conflicting, to the point that genuine illness can not be misdiagnosed by those who are tired of addressing mental illness who have previously insisted on a enfemedad that does not exist. somatization disorder allele It is a very rare disorder, but it takes a long time control.The person, usually a woman, has a long and complicated medical history and a series of dramatic but vague symptoms that demand immediate attention from the doctor. The complaints usually are based on gastro-intestinal pains, gynecological and sensory-motor. The personalities and lives of these people are typically dramatic and chaotic. factitious disorder allele Individuals suffering from this mental illness creates the appearance of a physical illness to be the medical facility and / or to obtain various types of drugs. People suffering from this disorder usually vuleven evasive and aggressive when they ask questions or hacerseles are challenged to clear the inconsistencies of their symptoms. Many run away from hospitals or clinics to go for other medical centers. Many individuals with test anxiety tend to have behavior and personality similar to those who suffer from somatization. allLa schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a severe set of psychological symptoms which make it difficult to work, play and be with other people. “Positive” symptoms include delusions (irrational beliefs), hallucinations (sensory experiences for lack of stimulus), thinking, and incoherent speech, paranoia or severe anxiety and uncontrollable and bizarre behavior. Among the negative symptoms include loss of experience and emotional expression, loss of power and initiative, inability to experience pleasure or interest in things, and isolation of individuals. allLa paranoia Generally, this disease relates to high levels of suspicion and mistrust, usually seen in the beliefs or disappointments that she or he are victims of hatred, jealousy and resentment of others. The person suffering from paranoid schizophrenic has premonitions that she or he will be chasing it for others, like the neighbor, the government, or an alien, or by the special people such as “the Messiah” (a feeling of grandeur) . The person suffering from paranoid personality disorder seem normal, but is suspicious, suspicious, hostile, controlling, and quick to build resentment and jealousy.