Business Partner Ukraine

The Republic of Ukraine is next to the Russian Federation, the most important country of the former Soviet Union. With an area of 604,000 square kilometers and about 49 million inhabitants, Ukraine is among the largest states in Europe in general. Their central role in Eastern Europe is underlined by a common border with seven other Central and Eastern European countries. In recent years the country has been a significant upward trend, and despite the severe political turmoil, GDP growth in 2006 reached approximately 83.1 billion euros. Germany stands in the ranking of the most important trading partner in second place. The most important German export goods are cars, machinery, chemical products and electrical products. When importing outweigh textiles, metal products and food products. More than 1,000 German companies are already active in Ukraine, in addition to automotive and supplier industries, particularly in the areas of trade, construction, energy and Argrar-food sector. The globalization and the resulting cost pressures, it isalso, especially for medium-sized companies in Germany, of increasing importance to seek a strategic partner or location. In Russia and Ukraine offer ideal conditions due to the cost level, proximity to Western European markets and diverse industries. Our company EASTERN INVEST-CONSULT specializes in the development of business relations between German and Ukrainian companies. Aboutaam We support German companies from both before the transaction and thereafter to all the issues not only of Germany but also in the field. Our employees, who come from Ukraine and Russia, have a good knowledge of local customs and market conditions, which are vital for successful business. We combine the western and eastern mentality EAST-INVEST-CONSULT Allersberger Str 185 90461 Nuremberg Tel: 09114099400