Browserbased Administration

The browser replaces more traditional desktop applications – with myHADES in the cemetery management layer GmbH planning company org team as well the release of Friedhofsverwaltungs software myHADES. myHADES has been designed as SaS / rents software and allows the convenient management of cemeteries, burial grounds and administration operations. In addition to a current browser (Firefox 3 or IE 7) reader is required except Acrobat no more plugin for the form output. The administrator may regardless of the used platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X,…) do its work at any time from any Internet-enabled location. myHADES therefore also well suited for volunteers and part-time in the Home-Office use. myHADES HADES was created as an online alternative to the specialised procedure already has proven in the desktop area.

The increasing request of customers to online solutions resulted in a the first nationwide online cemetery administrative procedures specifically for small to medium-sized users. These can be therefore benefit from the experience gained in over 30 years as a software provider for the ecclesiastical and municipal sector and more specifically in the education situation GmbH company org team. To ensure the security of the data, the software in an air-conditioned and fire-protected data center hosted. The data is backed up daily and mirrored. An SSL certificate ensures the authenticity of the access server and the confidentiality of the connection during the session. In addition, in myHADES technical measures were taken to protect the Auspahen of access data by different attack types (SQL injections, XSS, session hijacking, brute-force attacks etc.). As rental software, the customer requires no own EDP staff or it infrastructure, da myHADES as complete package is offered. Also data backup as support by an experienced hotline as also the continuous further development of myHADES in addition to the hosting service in a professional data center are included in the monthly usage allowance.