Andy Lehmann Charles Town Road

Market concentration has not surprised it in the interest of the customers and operators, but of course we are pleased on behalf of our customers. “, so the owner of B2B Andy Lehmann brings together a deal, which focused the market and brings both portals involved but especially for Lehmanns customers sense. Doing nothing on a such deal did first with the For three years as German Trade Forum on the market segment of online shops especially in the B2B sector, Dehafo had made a very good name among its customers. There, over 15,000 products that can be purchased immediately from intermediaries with commercial license for resale are registered. See wholesaler can offer free of charge their goods and stock overhangs, the commercial buyers pay only 9,99 Euro for the use of the portal in the month.

A working business model, which was now bought by B2B Provides the interesting I’m wondering what changes to existing users of Dehafo platform. According to our research first of all nothing. In addition to the change of ownership and changes in the imprint, everything will remain probably at least in the near future. And for the new owner? We are happy to be able to offer a broader portfolio of services we provide to our customers! “, says Andy Lehmann. So have the Munich quite right. was a popular starting address so far especially in start-ups in the online shopping sector and operators of successful online stores when it came to important business contacts or the structure of the own online shop with all the bells and whistles.

That will remain so. Only, we have now created the possibility to give our customers direct access to Dehafo. Thus, we combine our achievements with a real added value for our customers. “, can admit Lehmann smiling. So both companies show that it also in times of crisis always opportunities to the Change and market concentration there. The Hanoverian have not betrayed so far us why but Dehafo sell its offer at the Munich. For the customers of both platforms, this is only secondary, is still open but the bottom line trading platform for resellers under. It remains to be seen whether this example is in the long term make school. While the incumbents in the online business in vain to defend against the total loss, show the smaller platforms, as it can really go. And while Arcandor and co., at least the customers are the real losers, users of Dehafo and wholesaler addresses can cheer cheerful. After all, there grows together what belongs together actually and offers better and especially wider possibilities of commercial customers for business success in online trading. What pleases the existing contacts, will inspire even more the interested entrepreneurs. In addition to the energetic support of the WebService AL (Owners of they have the possibility of direct access to a great trading platform, on which a lot of German wholesalers and retailers abound.