Your Emailing List

If you really want to have a list of Opt-in subscribers, be careful not to make certain common mistakes that beginners make many entrepreneurs because it is not only send catalogs or promotions in your newsletter or bulletin. In the same way you can use several techniques to make your customers subscribe, avoid doing many other things that just make you want to delete from your list. Added to this, we must avoid certain problems with Internet standards and regulations existing today only bring you headaches to your hosting service provider (ISP). These rules comment you are directed to protecting the privacy of Internet users, on the practice of sending spam and unsolicited emails. Today, given the ease of use and popularity that has claimed the use of email as a medium for marketing, as well as their zero or low cost, a lot of companies have made a bad use of this and have flooded email accounts with unsolicited promotional emails.

Want to save you all these problems? Grow your list Opt-in a way and if it is double opt-in, so much the better, because that way they will be underwritten and will be giving your consent to receive your announcements, promotions and / or newsletters or bulletins. You always have to place the unsubscribe option, usually placing in the bottom of your email, then there are times when you can get an application for subscription without the real owner of the email you’ve done or have given their consent, that is, did anyone else. My recommendation is to invest a little in a company that will manage your email subscription list, as she will help you to give proper management of your subscriptions to users, low processed automatically and keep it working properly. The investment in this marketing strategy will be profitable by others so should not worry about having that small outlay, it will be spearheading the coverage that will give your efforts on making sales and profits since then. To stay away problems with what you mentioned, these would be my three recommendations: 1) Be sure to keep a record of your posts Sometimes undelivered emails are returned for various reasons, which include: The server was full The account is no longer Subscriber is not there write your e-mail address is incorrect, and was well written should make sure that these emails have a way of dealing and of course deleted from the main list, as well you know for sure which are those that are being delivered 2) Do not forget to always place a link to unsubscribe from your emails that can leave them clear unsubscribe and making this request with due respect that this represents for customers who want to unsubscribe.

If you do not cause too probably accuse you of spam when I follow the mailing. You know what can happen if you are accused of spam? You will have multiple problems, will shut down your list, you will lose many subscribers and will report to other subscription services providers including you in their lists black, thus losing the opportunity for potential new subscribers. Do you think little? 3) Never, never, even think of providing material abuse and uncomfortable in your newsletters I know you get it clear, but I prefer to emphasize I have seen situations where someone has thought to do something and this has negative consequences on purposes of growth from a list. What is sought is to have a healthy relationship of trust with your subscribers.