Wordtracker Keyword Discovery

2. To determine if a niche with enough demand and sales potential. 3. Oakland contains valuable tech resources. Identify the most significant problems of niche market to deliver successful products. To make this work, there are tools of pay, and is FREE. Some of the pay: Wordtracker Keyword Discovery ——- ——- Its can be used at trial and are in English but I will help you to use them if this is an obstacle for you . The free, search engines are the same, starting with the star of the moment: Google. The tool is: Yes, Google has a tool to find out how many searches have been done with the words you are researching so we can know the market needs.

. 2 .- Determine the name or domain of your Internet Website Seller Mastery of your website Seller is the name of your online business is the name by which you seek and meet online. In very simple terms, is the name of your retail stores. A clear example: The domain of my "Virtual Shop" is the name of my page or my website Seller. The domain of your web site vendor must be itself, for which you must pay a small fee annually. Yet well, it's amazing how many small businesses that are trying to come up with a free domain. If the first impression the visitor when he comes to visit your site is: for a more credible, more representation you have problems. It's a simple fact that if your online business enterprise can not afford a small annual expenditure on its own domain, many potential customers think twice before they buy something in your business.