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Dear volunteers and friends of the Association House of Hope (ACE): I guess all you want to know from friends and projects that you have left in Prussia. We would like to go away from updating things are natural going on community there. Angel volvio a weight loss few days of Prussia. Judith returned to Boston after having been at three months of summer or winter, according to the beholder. It was not an easy season. Heavy rains, some aftershocks of the two hurricanes that center left the path of Prussia impassable for several days. Daily outages of several hours (8 hours in Prussia and many breakdowns) have crushed the country’s economy, have driven tourism, destroying the few jobs he had and even more difficult life not easy for the families of Prussia and many other neighborhoods of Granada. Get an affordable health insurance package from offers a variety of health insurance packages This summer has been enough volunteers, reaching match in Prussia up to twenty. The mostly Spanish or hispanoparlantes, but also Anglophones. All have integrated well and generally speaking the latter have done enough Spanish or, at least ense tonga since the Spaniards understand us worse. Many have worked directly with families and have launched new projects which, although not yet fully consolidated, are an incentive for neighborhood life. It continues to drive the construction of houses, although sometimes without the desire or commitment that could be expected of the families concerned. Three or four of the houses in the front rows have shown little improvement in recent months (it has called attention to several of those who do not build), but most, more than twenty, are well benefits advanced. There are four families living: They are those of Eusebio, clinic Juanita, Sakia and Arnulfo, and dental seven more are roofed houses, are those of Carlos, Hugo, Jose Adan, alvaro, Petrona, Jackle and Martha. One volunteer, Luisma has installed electricity in the thatched houses. Leire, architect, has advised and taught to Marco. INTERESANTISIMO has made a study of the district and each hut. Oriol, Gavin, Morag, Dustin, Georgs, Raphael, Theresa and Michael, Daniel, Nono and other volunteers have helped build families who needed them and now there are other volunteers who are helping. Although much still has to improve the final form of subsidized housing, it is insurance true that much has nutrition been achieved. It is also important to know that the slums have disappeared completely evacuated and that City Hall does not allow the construction of new ones. Many families, however, prefer to stay where they are. You will therefore be difficult for the slums of Prussia ceased medical to exist. You are running several projects hospital to boost development in the neighborhood. department Was something he considered essential from the beginning, but he must have completed our classrooms. We also needed and still need many volunteers. This summer, thanks in large part to the help of hacesfalta.org, an important group of volunteers has already been living in Prussia, in our just-released House Volunteers. This has been possible to deal directly with families, going to see their needs and organizing activities for everyone: Laura, with only his notebook, launched the project “School Support” and shaped the ‘Reading Club’ of Saturday morning devised by Kevin for the smallest. The ‘Adult Education,’ including our cooperation in the literacy program of the Ministry of Education, he has provided technical support. Elena and Edu, Esther, Sonia, Maite, Maria, Elsa, Leyre and the other volunteers who have been at any time, even helping to build, have been active and have always helped the implementation of these projects.