VivFit, network of exercise centers, feminine physical health and nutrition, has taken a new passage in its objective to expand by everybody its exclusive concept of fitness directed to the woman, signing the contract by which grants the masterful tax exemption in Cyprus. The greater network of fitness in Portugal is already in the Cypriot market as a result of a commercial agreement that has been signed with two young Cypriot industralists, Bulut Erkal and Mentes Gizem. This heading was celebrated in the Dorian restaurant in Nicosia in the presence of the Minister of Property of the country. Cyprus stands out like the first Muslim country in entering the business of gymnasiums ” only for mujeres”. The signed agreement anticipates the opening of 10 gymnasiums in next the 3 years and the expansion for the Turkish market. The opening of its first center is expected in center for the end of October of Nicosia.

” Our presence in Cyprus not only represents the beginning of the expansion of VivFit in the Eastern Mediterranean, but also it is a reinforcement of the potential of the mark to go to everybody ” , it said the CEO of VivFit, Pedro Ruiz. The mark, that at the moment operates already in Singapore, India, Uruguay and Spain, operates in the Portuguese market from to eight years and was pioneering in the introduction of an innovating concept: VivFit is an exclusive center of ‘ fitness’ and Pilates for women in whom a method of complete exercise in 30 minutes, Pilates and a program of nutritional education is offered, all this in a familiar and funny atmosphere. In addition, like business model, this multinational specialized in the care of the body of the woman guarantees to the franchise-holder: To integrate itself in a solid system of franchise based on an original and unique business in a market in continuous growth. To benefit from the initiatives of the equipment for the good development of its own center. Recibir periodically ideas on publicity campaigns, promotions, new services, etc. designed to improve the level on watch and quality to its partners and in this way to increase the benefits of its business. Contar on advising and support in operations. For the putting in march and permanent development of the business will count on the support of the directive equipment that combines an ample experience in the management of networks of tax exemption with ample knowledge in the industry of ‘ wellness’ feminine.

MORE INFORMATION: VivFit is a network of exercise centers, physical health and well-being for women, in whom a complete method is offered to be in form with only 30 minutes of daily exercise, Pilates and a program of nutritional education, all this in a familiar and funny atmosphere. This chain of tax exemptions allows the today woman to stay in the form of a fast form, since an instructor animates, corrects and motivates, but always respecting the rate and the possibilities of each partner. The total investment necessary to become franchise-holder of this company/signature oscillates between 120,000 and 130,000 Euros, that include a bottom of maneuver, a right of entrance of 14,433 Euros, works of adaptation of the premises and the apparatuses necessary to equip a center. Three periodic payments exist: royalty of operation of 750 Euros, one appraises technological of 150 Euros and royalty of publicity of 300 Euros.