In Europe, the arrival of the solstices, and since pre-Roman times, there have been various celebrations rituals lighting bonfires.
In the June solstice (summer in the northern hemisphere), are the famous Festival of the Bonfires of San Juan, which take place in the Spanish coast, to celebrate the summer solstice. from these festivities preceding the birth of Christianity, but now held by that name.
In the December solstice (winter in the northern hemisphere) was celebrating the return of the sun, especially in the Roman and Celtic cultures: from this date, the days begin to lengthen, and this was associated with a triumph of the Sun over darkness, to be held fire. Subsequently, the Catholic Church decided to put a date on December 25, the Nativity of Jesus Christ, giving it symbolic of the rebirth of hope and light in the world and seek to duplicate both the pagan feast upon .

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