The Strategy to Continue to Curb the Power of a Dissatisfied Client

Some time ago we spoke in relation to word of mouth (WOM marketing or buzz marketing) on the dichotomy creation or evolution. Passion for marketing, I take the higher figure, presented in a pair of tickets how to make a buzz marketing campaign, with every step forward (graphic), first, and how to start such a strategy. We would be on the side of the creation, development would come later, which is more user side, who must expand this virus word of mouth, understand where the conversation (mass market).

For the latter, any company engaged in such a strategy should know everything that is said about it, would use the buzz monitoring, both the good and the bad. The reason? As commented on the entry in which we began to talk about the economy of word of mouth, the influence of a dissatisfied customer is always higher than the one you’re happy with the mark, and measured in economic terms.