The Story Begins with a Murder

This story begins in a police station in the city of Bogota, where a young police officer named Jonathan Waiter checked some pictures and documents about murders, a colleague approaches him and says: – “really have much free time, I can not believe you still obsessed with the murders, those people were very important political is not our job to find the responsible “inside you know she’s right, but you can do is your nature, you are sure you have also discovered something important, so look at it and say – “you want to do, I discovered something that can catch the murderer, but nobody seems to care” Your companion took a seat and says: – “if that is true you should call the charge of the prosecution and inform “you place a face of indignation and replied -” I already did but the man is an idiot treated me like a small thing and do not hear anything he said “She laughs and I answered: -” and you expect that people take you seriously after you said that the murderer used a sword, you’re lucky you do not get sent to a psychiatric review “You take a picture and shows it by saying: -”

Some of these people are almost halved, with what weapon you think you can do this, I have seen hundreds of photos Internet and believe me these cuts were made with little more than a knife … well I wanted to tell the researcher had nothing to do with it, is something I discovered only yesterday “She notes that such a nuisance, put his hand on yours and says: – “you can show me what you discovered” You take your laptop, open a file and you teach what you discovered – “look at this is a record of the camera and trade in a business that was formed six years ago and guess who they are owners “You get to see from her expression that you have called your attention, with many answers you desire it as a question: -” politicians killed? “You smile and say: -” exactly, after reviewing a lot is the only connection these people have but that’s not the best, in the record shows five people, three who have been killed and two more “She immediately asks: -” and Who are the other two people? You will answer: – “good one of those people left the country more than two years, but the other not only in the country, if not he is here in the city” She says, quite worried: – “this is very serious, I had no idea you had discovered something, I can not believe you have not been heard … For more information see patrick dwyer new edge. . . A related site: patrick harbin mentions similar findings.