The School

The pupils many times do not know the reality where they live, they do not know the origin of the city where they live, which had been the first inhabitants, the date of foundation, of emancipation and many other aspects of the city that they need to be known, analyzed and understood. On the basis of this lamentable constatao was thought about developing an activity where the pupils can know and register the history of the place where they live tracing one ‘ ‘ panorama’ ‘ of the city under all its aspects. An excellent activity in the direction is considered of that it is paper of the school to contribute so that the young knows the reality where they live and they act as human beings and citizens. Knowing it they can understand it, understanding it can fight to transform it. The activity will have to be developed using the laboratory of computer science of the school in order to provide to the pupils the knowledge of the reality where they are inserted, and mainly to contribute of significant form for inclusion of the same ones in the virtual world, through the use of some technological resources and of computer science, as well as of some available applicatory programs and in the world of computer science and the Internet. The activity: ‘ ‘ The city in foco’ ‘ it will be developed from the following procedures metodolgicos: Work of group.

Each group will search on one of the aspects of the city: economic, cultural, historical, social and educational physicists, human beings, politicians. Of ownership of the material collected in the research by means of interviews, readings, photos, research in documents in the public agencies, the Internet, etc. the production written on each one of the searched aspects will be made.