The Mystery of The Embodiment

It is characteristic of our contemporary culture the rediscovery of the problem of embodiment. The Bible knows no dualism between spirit and matter and considers man as a unitary being. We need to rethink the commonplaces of our culture that are different cultures of men in the first millennium BC. In the Old Testament to speak of the human body uses the term “base” which means flesh with the content of life, soul and heart. Meat in the Bible means, then what you see of man, his physical condition. Thus in the New Testament means the body or flesh of man visible but especially the weakness and sinfulness so that the precise means of counteracting the desire God. See then how whoever auto save our language or be self confident in their wisdom and their own qualities is a man who walks alone in the flesh, is a carnal man, however he gets into the hands of God who focuses his salvation in the Lord is a man walking in the spirit, so the meat and meat is not bad, but what the man decides against God. The body reveals the beauty and strength: In a literary way to express the Bible is not the beauty of the woman or man muscles of interest, in short, the beauty is not a sign to know and appreciate a person, Hence, the blind man is not sin for being blind, or the leper. Let’s see how disobedience results in opening of knowledge, opened their eyes and feel naked contradictory and feels that is not covered how sexuality is too complex a phenomenon to be analyzed in a simplistic way, for what appears as a passionate drive and uncontrollable has much content and many constraints and it is a force that is kept in all biological mechanism and involves psychological levels, emotional, spiritual and social needs of everyone.Sexuality use the language of tenderness, love and can lead to aggression and violence, sexuality and seek to meet the communion but sometimes does not respect the difference of others. Sexuality is certainly an expression of joy and happiness but almost always falls in sadness and failure. We live in a society where everything related to sex is based on many visions and why each person lives and thinks and feels differently in their sexuality. We have not managed to convey a message of esteem and appreciation of sexuality and therefore sex has become an obsession.Many would make the person a spirit without sex slaves or sex also is not of spirit. Nor is it to sex education as such we can not stand knowing the complex anatomical structure of the eyes as only understand the true meaning of them when we face eyes full of tenderness and even though we understand the perfect structure hands we can not understand the deep meaning of those are only when we feel the warmth of a caress, so the look and hand of a person not just to look or touch but should express the love that is hidden in the heart. In this way the body is raised to a level higher than simple sex.Watching a person without feeling love in the heart for it is only an expression of a drive, look at her with affection and love is an expression of full sexuality, for what it’s worth, what matters is the message that comes from the heart because the heart has reasons that reason does not understand.The supremacy of the individual goes beyond mere biology body and the body is a road that ends in the joy of possession, so the sexual life is not exhausted either focuses on the genitals or the exercise of sex. The delivery body is the feast of love, is the meeting of two people who have offered your heart to share with all its existence, hence the need to prepare to live that gift and do not appear as a simple love of bodies. That love is not so spiritualize you forget the passion and the party but also that love is passionate and degrade so that forgets the superiority of spirit and heart. Only the baby gets close any human injury and clears up the pain of dissatisfaction. The art of love is not easy to learn in this environment that we live in which we do not want to know the people thoroughly.