The importance of information for marketing executives.

The famous billionaire Donald Trump graduated from the Wharton School of Finance and many consider him a real estate genius, a philanthropist and humanitarian entrepreneur ( ). It is so respected by some part of U.S. society that even the same admires and Robert Kiyosaki is a political group that seeks to launch his presidential candidacy for the U.S. He is the creator and host of the popular program The Apprentice, which claims to be financial education. He is a writer of books, including several Best Sellers and educational board games. He owns the famous skyscraper Trump Tower located on Fifth Avenue in New York and has other important properties multimillion possessions and real estate amongst which are the club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach and several golf courses. On 6 November 2005 at a convention of real estate held in Chicago, Robert Kiyosaki met the man legend, and this time Donald J.Trump asked Robert to write a book together, Kiyosaki felt unsure of the meeting, but finally scored the circumstances that this book would be published. At first doubted the project Kiyosaki because he felt intimidated and that the millions he has not compare anything to the billions that Donald Trump has, however, that convinced him that in view of Donald, he was a great financial self-help teacher and needed his help to the readers to put their concerns about the history of democracy, which, according to these two writers, is based on a middle class in danger of extinction, discussing the history of mankind and how finances have evolved according to the times we live.These men raised, although not intended to solve the global scene and the crisis of globalization is coming, where people like the famous Baby Boomers that despite their Medicare retirement plans and 401 (k) will have to face problems strong financial plans for retirement are originally designed for wealthy people and not for employees with a common lifestyle, but want to create awareness in people that become rich or at least out of the middle class accumulating good fortune that, according to the actual words of the Donald, “are part of the solution not the problem,” so his book titled Why we want you to be rich or do we want you to be rich.Among other concerns, this book addresses a very unorthodox topics such as conflict of globalization, as the rich are getting richer and the poor even poorer and more numerous, about the risks of retirement plans for the middle class will become lower class, on the gradual disappearance of the middle class and to how this can get to put the conflict to democracy itself created in republics we live today. Note: There are similar retirement plans to 401 (k) in different countries of Latin America, for example, in Mexico they are called Afore.