The Dollar Is Acting Up

The greenback's trade today The USD / JPY fell The volumes were moderate Traders bought dollars Night view We await more sales The USD will probably be consolidated for Tuesday All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 11:00 am, Stern, member of the FOMC, speak 1:15 pm, Bernanke, Fed chairman to speak 2:00 pm, the minutes of the FOMC 3:00 pm USD Consumer Credit m / m Traders bought dollars. The stock market fell nearly 800 points late in the trading session, while the DJIA was around the area of the 10,000, the NASDAQ reached the 1800 Area, which involved values that were not recorded 10 years ago. Oil also fell, reaching the area of $ 90.00 per barrel, and many traders away from commodities. That is why the dollar rallied, and other major currencies fell, except the USD / JPY, the USD / JPY fell over 600 points, minimum recorded in the area of 100.22, leaving the safe haven yen as of today. The GBP and EURO fell sharply, below technical levels, and the greenback may continue to take profits, but apparently there are few buyers after the move of the day. The minimum record book in the zone of 1.7335 and the euro area recorded lows of 1.3453. Dominated the market with great fear, and buyers were not for the other currencies. In my view, the USD is acting as a safe haven. In a situation like this is almost impossible to find the way into the majors, because the market is moving with little sense, several operators are in a panic, and will not leave their dollars.