Perfect Order

It has as many doubts in relation of where and as the life it appeared, that without complete answers, we say that everything was created in the most perfect order, for a being on natural, that nobody never saw and probably it will not see, god. It is not difficult to understand because many exist testas, old when they did not have answers for phenomena of the nature, for example, believed that a bigger force existed that carried through all the actions, rain, wind, cold. Pinterest is likely to increase your knowledge. But with passing of the years such superior passed to be used as a form to restrain the people, and thus the church gained control on all. still is thus. If to question because the people believe the superior being, many would answer that it faithful it, love, made everything in the universe, is father, and diverse you defend abstract. But the true reply, and none says, is of the fear. Fear to burn in the fire of the hell, not to go for the sky, not to know the paradise, of punishments, everything to give wrong in the life. Ufa, if everything this was truth, until I would have fear.

They are for these you defend that many believe, or the least tries, simply it has faith of that everything and true, after all must be written in the bible, alcoran or another book. Books written for human beings, whom to say a difference has, god whispered in its ears, that I privilege. Jtentei to listen to something, but I do not know because god naum whispers a phrase pra me, wanted to write a book on as currently it this, why these very old books estao, we need to renew the supply. But if god is perfect and made everything in the same way, because then horrible things happen in the world? Well, this part is not of it, the good things is of its authorship, the remaining portion must have been an incautiousness of the creator, there it came of the bad one and puff made the mundane things: drugs, parties, sex (it are of the marriage), assassins, alcohol, are as much thing. That vacilo in god. But all good, the guilt is not its, and yes of Adam and eva that it ate that mace, and it also blames of the snake, from everything was there for gu? low. We do not have answers of as and of where it appeared the universe, not to be the reply most easy of all of that it was the there from above face, but who is the creator of the superior? How thus it does not have creator? Everything in the life appeared of something, it cannot simply appear. Thus the things are still more difficult to accept.

But simply we have faith and point. God made plus an error, made me atheistic. Impossible? Then god did not make me? Or simply it was error that occurred in the hour of the impression? He must be only plus one vacilo of it, nothing of concerns, therefore my punishment already this private. But why I will go to pay for that I did not make? Now I understood, loves me to god and alone it goes to make this for my good, less bad, right?.


Fruits that never could be eaten: ) Not to eat of the fruit of the revolt (that is, not to practise the revolt) Gn 4.5-16; I Sm 15,23 b) not to eat of the fruit of the disobedience (that is, not practising disobedience) I Sm 15,22 Recommendations: Of the children to the parents Ef 6.1-3; CL 3.20? Of the servants you Ef 6.5-7; Tt 2,9, 10; CL 3.22-25? You to the servants Ef 6.9; CL 4.1? Of the wives to the husbands Tt 2.5; I Pd 3.1? Of the husbands the wives Ef 5.25; I Pd 3.7? Of the church to the shepherds Hb 13.17; I Ts 5.12; I Tm 5,17 c) not to eat of the fruit of the irreverncia (not being irreverent or lacking with respect the sacred things) II Sm 6.7; Ec 5,1, 2; I Co 11,27-30 d) not to eat of the fruit of the misalignment in the home (that is, misunderstanding or yoke -3 – different) II Co 6.14; Is 38,1 e) not to eat of the fruit of the uses and mundane customs Ef 5.11; I Jo 2,15 f) not to eat of the fruit of dither (that is, not being exaltado and not proud) TM 18.3; 23,12 g) Not to eat of the fruit of the egoism (that is, not being dominated for the EGO) Lc 9,49, 50; Fp 2,4 h) not to eat of the fruit of the hatred (not to hate) Lc 9.51-56; TM 5,44 i) not to eat of the fruit of incredulity (not to doubt) TM 13.58; 17.20; Jo 20,27 j) not to eat of the fruit of disinterest TM 7.7; Lc 11.13; Tg 1,5, 6 Is interesting to observe that the culture of the farming of God portraies what any agriculturist makes in its farming, applying defensive and preparing the land. As well as the agriculturist it manages its agricultural farming and goods, in the same way it is in the farming of God. .


The idolatria is common in all religion something that represents the creator and all religion has the least conducts it to a symbol it, either this symbol called idolatria or worship of images or the simbolatria that are the worship to the symbols as altars with stars, Cross (this finding in many evanglicas churches), etc. Also we have the livrolatria that it is the cult based in a book saint that is something adored as the manifestation it verb the holy ghost or word of God, we have in the Christianity the Bible, the Brahmanism the sacred book Mahabharata, in the Hinduismo the sacred book Rig-Prohibition, in the Islamismo the Alcoran, Zoroastrianism the sacred book Zend Avesta, etc. Without speaking in the cult to the sacred places, such as: Mount of the Oliveiras (Christianity) Olimpo Mount (Religion Greek), sacred Mountain where Moises received the orders, waterfalls of Oxum, etc. Brothers where this the difference between the religions? The difference if exists, this only in the cult form the God and as in God everything is infinite, then infinite it is its creation and its form to disclose itself, or it is not truth that we have you vary race, some linguistic chunks, has the fauna and the flora that are exuberant and example of diversity and balance, we have diverse species of plants, leves, grass, flowers, trees etc, all with a purpose and all co-participants in the balance and maintenance of the planet. Speaking candidly Nissan told us the story. In animal kingdom the diversity of creatures is infinite and exuberant, one more incredible than to another one and all with a function it specifies in the balance of the creation. Between the human beings infinite cultures exist each one with its logic and order for the balance and the harmony of its people. The word love can be described in some ways, said in diverse languages between itself, put its direction and its essence remains untouchable, inviolable and perpetual. .


As it said is a joy, but it is also an honor and a responsibility. I become to understand: am here to speak for a group of seminaristas, I, a simple layperson, call to discourse on some aspects concerning the liturgy, that is a subject on which? certainly? vocs has more knowledge of what I. I thought a little on this: For which reason, God placed, me in a situation that can very be well translated by the popular dictated one: ‘ ‘ to teach to the Father Ours to vigrio’ ‘? Where I could contribute? , Ahead of this question I decided well to reveal what a layperson knows on liturgy from what is rank for the S Doctrine, larding such exposition with some brief reflections of philosophical matrix, with the objective to bother them a little the what concerns our subject in the way of its ordinances. Before entering in our central subject, comments of antropolgico direction allow me to carry through brevssimas. The man is a being that effectively likes to celebrate moments that are rich of meanings (anniversary, formations, conquests carried through in the life, etc.). This characteristic human being already became gift in the primrdios of the humanity. Also since the primrdios ‘ ‘ the man searched forms of if communicating with the deity; this in all the peoples is through dances, musics, using elements of the nature as flowers, plants, animals, fruits, etc.

Are innate trend in homem’ ‘ (AQUINO, 2004, P. 9). The manifest liturgy this necessity of the man if to communicate and if to find with God. What it is mentioned in specific way, to the liturgy catholic, it is enormous the amount of doubts who the fidiciary offices have, then is enormous the amount of doubts on this meeting with God.