Suspended Ceiling

What, a variant of finishing the ceiling is better to choose? Each of us is given this issue in the repair process. Options, of course, there are many, however, the most modern and at the same time inexpensive way – setting the tension ceiling. The ceilings of this type, deservedly won widespread due to: simple design, mounting options, as the lights and ventilation system in the ceiling space, as well as a large selection of colors and shapes. Most ceilings are made of PVC film. The texture of the film can be different: glossy, matte, metallic, etc. If you want to create a stylish interior, it is best to choose a high-gloss, as it is practically fully reflects the light. Matte film, gives the appearance of plastered ceiling and will perfectly complement a classic design. You may wish to learn more. If so, Barney A. Ebsworth Collection is the place to go.

A metallic, perfect for lovers of high-tech style. The film is mounted on the guides, pre-fixed to the wall moldings. Installation is done by heating the film at the junction and it is thus firmly attached to the baguette. This explains why, suspended ceiling is not afraid of water, and can withstand a flood on top of your neighbors. So, knowing the design of the ceiling, you will be much easier for you to choose the right fabric and do not fall victim to unscrupulous sellers of deceit. When choosing a company, which would you install a ceiling, be sure to ask how long she had been on the market. In office, working less than a year, it is better not connected, the quality of its installation will be seen to give, the more experienced companies.

Pay attention to what kind of ceiling you are offering. As, generally, PVC domestic production is not made of a width exceeding 150 cm, while the width of import may reach 200 cm This is a rather important point, because it affects the number of stitches on your ceiling, as they will be less durable than those would be your ceiling. Be aware that if, in your room of the ceilings made of drywall, the contiguity of a stretch ceiling for them be time-consuming process and can significantly increase the cost of installation. And finally. Before you begin installation of stretch ceiling, it is better to find someone, you will be able to stay this time, as the temperature in your apartment will reach over 50 degrees – the cost of production.