Summer Water Supply

Who not just a clean green country Brook, who knows the problem: townsite as drinking water for the horses? On farms, a water truck is often used where a self drinker is installed. This should stand outside the fence, or if that is not possible, be fenced even. The horses can otherwise when wrangling at the watering hole easily with the legs in the chassis and hurt themselves. An alternative is a 1000-liter Plastic tank (used from around 50 euro), which is plastic or metal pallet, a wood, and is enclosed in a metal lattice. A self drinker is installed in the outlet of the tank. For the mostly white plastic containers, there are special panels of dark foil or metal: it protects the tank against UV radiation, which otherwise makes porous plastic in the long term, and the water in the tank veralgen.

Alternatively, he can be black eingefargt also from the outside. The filled tank is with a tractor with forklift mast to the Willow is transported. Who owns a tractor, can mount the tank on a moving object, which can be pulled up by car with trailer coupling. There are also completely to buy such constructions (with or without approval). In a closed potion car or tank, which is filled with clean water and stands in the shadow, the water stays fresh for up to six days. Water, that a place in the Sun, must be replaced at least every two days. An open water trough should be somewhere preferably cool, windy, so he will contaminate less mosquitoes and flies.

Also actually harmless debris like hay stalks, hair, feathers or leaves provide food and surface for the growth of bacteria and fungi. The bottle must be cleaned regularly. Because of the metal taste many horses do not like to drink from sheet metal or zinc vessels.