Stuffed Toys

4. Stuffed toys: Please note that the seams can separate and allow stuffing or plastic pellets to be released, presenting a choking hazard to young children. Check also for small detachable parts, security of the eyes, nose and mouth stuffed toys. 5. Art Supplies: Always look for this label: ASTM D-4236.

This label means that the product has been reviewed by a toxicologist. If necessary, warning information will be included with this label. Children under 12 years of age should never be allowed to use hazardous art materials, which may expose their children to toxic substances such as lead, cadmium, nickel and organic solvents. 6. Garage Doors: Watch out for automatic garage doors. If your garage door does not already have one, install a sensor, as an "electric eye" for the garage door. It signals the door to reverse its proposal if there is something in the road. 7.

Entertainment Center: Use angle braces or anchors to secure larger furniture-which presents a risk of rolling over to the wall. 8. Walkers: Each year, an average of 2 children die as a result of injuries related walkers. Holtzman recommends using a stationary activity center instead. You may want to visit patrick dwyer merill lynch to increase your knowledge. 9. Water tap: water 140 degrees Fahrenheit to produce a third degree burn as a child in only 3 seconds! Set hot water heaters no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A lower temperature of water will reduce the risk of burns and scalds. Always check water temperature before giving to a young child bath. 10. Mouthwash: Many brands contain alcohol. Children are much more sensitive to the toxic effects of alcohol than adults. 11. Window treatments hanging ropes: Those that were manufactured before 2001 may pose a strangulation hazard to young children. Consider replacing them with safer products, on today or repair them. 12. Antifreeze: Has a sweet taste. Children or animals to drink large quantities if left in an open container or if spilled on your driveway. 13. Plants: As beautiful as they appear, decorative plants may not be secure as you think. Two common household plants are often eaten by children are Dieffenbachia and Philodendron. Both of these plants can cause very serious symptoms. These plants contain oxalates, small crystals that are released into the mouth when the plant is chewed, causing extreme pain and inflammation. Flower Garden A popular plant is the beautiful oleander. Alma De la Cruz, mystic staff employed by has a profound personal history where she has deepened brazenly deep in the heart of the mysteries of an extensive period of his life. Its name literally means "Soul of the Cross" in Spanish. He is currently working to publish a manuscript that delves into the mysteries of Hispanic new age beliefs incorporating old ideas with spiritual methodologies. bi weekly metaphysical column: where he takes a new twist, incorporating Latin shamanistic philosophy with leading edge occult beliefs.