Social Development

According to information of the medias of mass, Brazil was recognized as reference in the combat to the hunger and the poverty, during the meeting of cupola of Organization of United Nations (ONU), carried through in day 21 and 22 of September of 2010 in New York, to deal with the Objectives of Development of Milnio (ODM). In the Government of president Lus Incio Lula da Silva (Squid 2002-2010), it had persistence in reducing the extreme poverty 25% of the existing total in 1990 and to finish with the hunger up to 2015. The country gained prominence for creating a program of income transference that it aimed at to attenuate the poverty and to finish with the hunger in the country, one them bigger challenges to be reached for the public politics in the country. As information of the press room the minister of the Social Development and Combat to the Hunger, Mrcia Lopes to if reporting in the meeting of United Nations, in day 20 of September of 2010 in New York said that: ' ' More than 20 million people had left the extreme poverty, more than 32 million migraram of classroom D for the C, what it means access the consumption, but also the citizenship and participao' '. Although it has the recognition of that through the Program Stock market Family, many families had left the line of the extreme poverty, the analyses of the point of view macro allow to say that the changes are pparently minimum, in virtue of the discontinuity of the actions, the focalizao and the absence of a methodology that promotes the development.

The national secretary of Income of Citizenship of the MDS, Modest Lcia, presented the results reached for the Stock market Family for a society more less different joust and. According to Lcia ' ' In less than seven years, the program, that takes care of 12,7 million families and more than transfers to R$ 1,2 billion for month, she was the responsible one for 21% of the reduction of the inaquality between 2004 and 2006 and represents an average addition of 48% in the income of beneficirios' '. Responsible in the execution of the Program the Stock market Family they reveal confident with the social impacts reached by the benefit of income transference. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Kiyosaki. But we must understand if these changes are pautadas in an education of quality, in a health attendance efficient, in an adequate feeding or they are only looking for to brighten up the social problems.