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A few days ago told me that one out was going to exploit these times of lower activity to train as coach to that great idea! and with the hope of helping I started to surf for options. Dennis Carey Founded, G100, CEO Academy and Chairman Academy; Not yet been decided for which it is broad spectrum of account centers providing training in this field. Find a page ( that presents a market compilation of them, certainly not help and are all but I want to share with you all. The transcribed below and if anyone knows any that is not here, I encourage you to share the data. School: financial CoachCreativoPersona Contact: Enric Sanmartin Mobile Contact: (34) 952 629 624 / 34) 659440123 Email information: info Website: School Description: Coaching Staff with NLP / DBM, an innovative learning model designed to acquire skills of introspection, change and improvement in the area of Personal Development. He bases his principles in equity the code of ethics and core competencies of ICF Coaching and management applies advanced and effective methodologies for human development in the area of training and learning, Programming and Modeling Neurolig istica money Behavioral Development. Permits from the experience of each person re-orient and re-directing of their affairs efficiently and areas of interest. School: North School Coaching ESEUNEPersona Contact: Carlos HerrerosTelefonos Contact: (34) 942310962 commercial Email information: herreros.c gmailWebsite: banks School: international speakers, 10 consumer modules of 12 hours each, monthly modules. Experiential training with supervision of the work to begin coaching the participants. Model Action (you did), cognition (you thought), emotions (you felt). The systemic approach is based on school ESEUNE Business School. Parque loans Tecnologico de Zamudio, Vizcaya. The program is designed for participants to get some requirements (hours of training, supervision, practices) required by AECOP for certification of executive coaches. School: VICCAL COACHING. COACHING AND PNLPersona Contact: group VICENTE CALATAYUDWebsite: Contact: (34) 647855221 Email information: info School Description: banking In Viccal Coaching we are dedicated to coaching and professional NLP for personal and global business level. You give coaching training accredited by the Spanish Association coaching allowing access that association once the training activities and Certified Professional Coach category. School: COACHINGPersona EUROPEAN INSTITUTE companies Contact: ANGEL LUIS SEZ MARTINWebsite http:/ / / Telephone contact (34) 678913705 trading Email information: informacion School: School as company a sound academic quality is a benchmark in Madrid.