School BMV

When I look at new cars, and in particular on the numbers of their technical characteristics, it makes me scared. For the fact that some inept sheep, being behind the wheel of such a "spaceship" can mess things up and burning yourself others. Such "nedovoditel" relying only on a very modest driving experience taught him a driving course by former taxi driver, but on a comprehensive kindness insurance company (ha ha, laugh!), Will understand the true situation is "after." After banging someone else's car, shook on SAI and (God forbid!) Of the hospitals, or simply get in the face of a frustrated citizen, whose "swallow" it is mutilated. In Germany, drivers are much careful and take their property and others' health. Still, BMW 30 years ago took care of that BMW-drivers do not hurt myself and others, taking pleasure without consequences – and created a driving school. Was headed by Finnish rally driver Rauno known Aaltonen. The correct choice of superior, probably played a role in the success of the event.

It's one thing when you learn arcane guy in a suit and tie, and quite another – "fighting general," from my own experience knowing what to do in order to go fast, but safely and correctly. However, then, three decades ago, the program differed from the current school. "Students" were taught as a driver must contend with stress behind the wheel, as he should eat and why simply is obliged to do morning exercises in the morning. Now it's, you see, not too interesting.