Sales Process 2007

Sales Process 2007 – 2008 In June 2007, SAS announced the sale all non-strategic assets, including its participation in non-Scandinavian airline (bmi and Spanair). Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon Dennis Carey is a ceo recruiter Initially Marsans, cofounder of the company was confident that a sale be conducted quickly and smoothly. However, the arrival on the scene of an offer for Iberia, in turn sold, eventually lead to a break in the negotiations between SAS and Gonzalo Pascual. It also showed interest groups such as Nefinsa (owner of Air Nostrum and Gadair. Fearing that involve anti competitive service, Iberia company partnered with the gesture, which would keep the majority shareholder. It has also ensured that he would give routes to reduce its market share. However, recent statements have raised fears about the viability of this offer.Fearing Catalan entities that if recruitment Iberia is finally with Spanair, El Prat will lose even more prominence (taking into account that Iberia has several years reducing its presence), replied that involve the contrary, it sales jobs would increase its presence in Barcelona Airport . Gadair, until now a virtually unknown company, has a stake in Air Nicaragua, Air Ecuador, Axis Lines and Gadair Gulf, but none has come to operate, and 51 in Hola Airlines, a company Founded by Mario Hidalgo. The company submitted the best offer economically, and said it would retain all jobs. Also had the financial support for the hedge fund and fund Longstock lusocanadiense Abu Dhabi, Bin Salem.Organizations of all types of Catalonia have publicly offered their support to this offer, believing it would provide Catalanity and have the greatest benefit to Prat. Iberia, meanwhile, pledged a firm commitment by the Aerodrome of Barcelona, conditioned success in Spanair and Vueling-Clickair merger. Throughout the sale process recruiting SAS has changed the dates for the sale. In January 2008, during FITUR, the president of SAS announced that it would take place in the second quarter of 2008. In March, confirmed the final presence of three offerings: the Iberia more gestures, and one third of Gadair is maintained in absolute secrecy. On March 27 is the split between public and Longstock Gadair and submit a bid separately. Gadair right now is seeking funding to support their plans. Longstock owns two Portuguese airline Air Luxor Aerocondor.The first was declared insolvent by the Portuguese Government, while the latter only covered a route. Given this information, SAS has established that one of the major constraints when evaluating the bids was the financial solvency and the demonstrated ability of management , leaving out the option of Gadair. The sale was further complicated with the introduction of a dismal quarterly results. On April 28, SAS introduced a loss of 1.134 billion kronor (121 million euros) from January to March 2008, of which 382 million (41 million) related to Spanair, similar to 2007 figures.The CEO, Mats Jansson, used to return to change the recruiting deadline on the sale deicis recruiter n late in the second quarter. In presenting the results of the first quarter of Iberia (lost 400,000 euros), its CEO Fernando Conte said the buying interest was still valid, but to changes in the market by the economic crisis, it was necessary to the job search support of unions to spend the summer. At the same time he began to rumor the possibility that ultimately did not sell the company, and SAS was in the forefront of it, even hired a consulting firm to develop a future plan for Spanair. Furthermore, given the failure of supply of Gadair, another group of Catalan businessmen in the vicinity of Private Foundation Entrepreneurs (Femcat), began to seek funding for any competitive offer, although the investment agency of theGeneralitat, the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF) ,established that only support the business group if it was the hand of an airline. Then the group Marsans come into play again, allying with the group of Catalan businessmen. For his part Iberia, in the absence forward in the process, it lost interest.