Proper Regimen

The reforms printed to social welfare, related as deficit and in crisis, had given a privatized character obligatory to the previdencirio system. The public system was substituted by a private system, on which the retirements are based on the contributions made in individual accounts and adopted a mixing system where the public system guarantees the basic one and the paid private system of complementary form. In the context of the Reformation of the Providence, one of the proposals pointed as main modifications the extinguishing of the criterion of retirement for service time and the criterion of the proportional retirement. The second Reformation of the Social welfare if gave in 2003, and had as main modification the Proper Regimen of Social welfare, that encloses the public servers. This offensive one deflagrada on the providence is plus one of the strategies that they aim at to the prevalence of the interests of the capital on the interests of the worker, since as it considers Mota (2008) the reforms the one that it forms submitted the Brazilian social welfare is far from representing a perfectioning in the system created in 1988. For the related author, the new rules of the social welfare are inductive of the formation of a deep financier financed for the wages of the workers, being able to be visualized by the growth of the market of plans of private providence, what it makes with that if loses the condition of a system of protection to the base of a intergeracional and functional transference of the income. Practical of the Social Service in the Social welfare the Implantation corresponds Portaria of number,25 of 06 of April of 1943, of the National Advice of the Work? CNT – Section of Studies and Social Assistance, Institute of Retirement and Pension of the Commercial employees, who had for objective to carry through a research on the environment and the conditions of life of the users.