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Red Bull is sold in over 100 countries worldwide, has been nutrients banned in France for over 12 years and Denmark citation needed . By creating an innovative product that has opened a new market, its introduction into skin care new countries is a long protocol to follow all the official channels. Red Bull at the moment is following the necessary steps to be marketed in some countries, like France, Denmark and Norway, which are particularly stringent in their regulations with the food products that have ingredients from supplements like vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These same problems are involved in multinational candy and cereals, these also contain such additives, when introduced into those markets. As a story in Uruguay, a Latin American country, their sale fitness was banned along with other similar drinks, determining as a condition for accepting its sales decrease is the ratio of caffeine as an arbitrary measure of the health authority. Unlike the competition Red Bull did not want to change the composition of the product and has chosen not to sell in the local market to be sold only at border ports free. Therefore, the restrictions that Red Bull is in these countries, they supplements are generally normative and does not necessarily mean that there are clear dangers to health or safety.
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Its high content of taurine cardiovascular has also health meant that some countries consider it a complement, not a recreational drink. Many doctors also recommend a medical evaluation before being consumed.
Like any stimulant product, the amount of fitness Red Bull that a person can drink depends on your sensitivity to caffeine and varies significantly from one individual to nutrition another. By having a very similar caffeine content, you can compare its digestibility with that of coffee.
Some experts agree that the greatest danger lies in his Red Bull mixed with other substances, especially with alcohol mixing stimulants with depressants can cause abnormal heart rhythms and can cause problems in the future. The manufacturer, meanwhile, simply does not encourage the consumption of Red wellness Bull and alcohol does not recognize the effects (either positive or negative) body of doing so.
According to the health care manufacturer, Red Bull is health designed for students and drivers ” … long distances around the world. “As it is printed on the can.
Furthermore, a major cause of road deaths was falling asleep, and in fact, a study by the Sleep Research Center at the University of Loughborough concluded by accepting the value of Red Bull and similar beverages in these and other assumptions .

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